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Mon, Wed,Thurs, Sat: 11am-6pm
Fri: 11am-9pm
Sun: 1pm-6pm
1. Choose a piece of pottery. We have hundreds of pieces!

2. Choose your colors from our palette of over 60 glazes, including speckle and other specialty glazes. All of our glazes are non-toxic and completely washable.

3. Create your masterpiece. We have sponges, stamps, stencils, and more to help inspire you.

4. Sign your masterpiece and leave it with us. We'll glaze and fire your piece, and you can pick it up in about a week. (We'll call you!)

We have a wide range of pottery pieces. Most plates and mugs are the $15-18 range. No additional Studio Fees.
1) Choose one of our mosaic forms. We have frames, crosses, animal shapes, trivets, and more.

2) Select your colors and types of tesserae. (The small pieces of glass, ceramic, or gems you'll be using.)

3) Arrange your tesserae on the mosaic shape and glue them when you're happy with the design.

4) Take your piece home and grout it the next day. ( Or we can grout it for you for a small fee.)
Do you like puzzles? Then you will love mosaics!

Mosaic art works have been around for over 2000 years! Created with small glass pieces, tiles, gems and even stones, the design options are infinite!
1) Choose a glass blank. We have circles or square glass blanks in clear, white, and black.

2) Choose from a wide selection of colored glass pieces, and design your pattern on the glass blank.

3) We put your piece into our glass kiln. As the glass is heated it becomes fluid, and the pieces stick (or fuse) together.

4) After your pieces has been fused, we can use a mold and refire your glass piece to "slump" it into a bowl, plate, or sushi dish.

You can also make jewelry, crosses, and coasters with our glass fusing process.
Prices start at $20 and include all of the tesserae needed to complete your piece.
Prices start at $15. Slumping is $8.
We have several projects that require no cutting for walk-ins, but if you want to learn to cut glass and find out more about glass fusing you are invited to join one of our beginning glass fusing classes.
Extended hours during December and summer (June, July and August). Check the calendar on the WHAT'S HAPPENING page for more information.